Privacy Policy (Contact form)

Privacy Policy (Contact form).

This Privacy Policy explains what we do with the information you supply on the contact form.

In order for us to carry out our duty to respond to your enquiry or feedback through your use of our contact form, that information is mailed to one email address at

We do not undertake any marketing activities or have such marketing affiliations with any third party organisations . This means that the only correspondence you might get from us will be in relation to the contact form entry you sent to us.

In this privacy policy,
We will make it clear what information we collect, why we collect it and what we use it for.
We will only collect the information we need to respond to your the message you send via the contact form.
We will never share or sell your personal information, unless requested to share by a governmental or law enforcement authority.
We will make sure your information is secure and that it is deleted, once we have no further requirement to use it.
Where we still have your information, we will ensure that it is up to date and you can let us know if we need to correct it.
We will make sure that any partners carrying out work on our behalf meet our high standards of safety and security when handling your personal information. However, please note that the personal information provided by you on the contact form is not stored in a database and no one has access to it other than the holder of the email account to which it is sent. The holder of the email account is a director or consultant within Kerwin Consulting Ltd.

What information do we collect?
The personal information collected on the form consists of your name and your email address, along with any other personal information you add to the message box on the form. We advise that you do not add any additional personal data to the message box but of course, cannot actually prevent you from doing so. We advise that should you feel that you need to provide personal information in addition to your name and email address, you wait until we have responded and can then take the conversation forward via email or telephone.

How is information collected?
You provide the information by completing and sending the contact form.
By doing this, you are giving your consent for that information to be used to contact you.
Should you not wish to provide any personal information in the form, you are advised to contact us using the telephone number on the contact page.

How long will it be kept for?
Your information will be kept until we have responded and decided on how to continue the conversation or until you ask us to remove it – whichever is soonest.

With whom will it be shared?
We will only share your personal information where:-
We are legally required to, or as a result of a lawful request by a governmental or law enforcement authority.

We will never sell your personal information, or let other organisations use it for their own purposes or for marketing.

We will never use your information for our own marketing purposes, without first getting explicit consent from you.

We keep your information safe and secure.
The security of your information is very important.
We use encryption for transfer of data and our networks are constantly monitored to make sure they remain secure.

We also regularly review our security processes and ensure they are kept up to date and in line with latest developments in technology.

The latest review was carried out on January 18th, 2020. The next review is due in July 2020

Your rights.
You have the right to request a copy of all of the information we hold about you.
This is known as a Subject Access Request.
You have the right to have any incorrect information corrected.
You have the right to object to any further processing of your personal information.
You have the right to have your personal information removed from our systems.
You have the right to request your information in a machine-readable format, in case you wish to use it elsewhere. This is known as Data Portability.
You have the right to withdraw consent for receiving any marketing emails you have subscribed to.
We do not carry out marketing to trainees, so your information is not used for that purpose.
To request any action in regard of your rights, please email telling us what you’d like us to do.
We will process your request within 28 days of receiving it.

For the purposes of collection of personal information, Kerwin Consulting Limited is known as the Data Controller and can be contacted by email at

If you have any questions about your privacy and how your personal information is used, please contact

If you wish to lodge a complaint about the way we have handled your personal information, you may do so by emailing
The ICO is the UK supervisory authority and is completely independent.